Quality Control (QC) is an important process that can have a tangible impact on the business if neglected or improperly implemented. Defects that can be seen or heard by the end viewer such as missed or faulty commercial spots or poor or spotty picture quality can result in rejections from broadcasters, festivals and, in case of advertising,  affect the brand and ultimately lead to lost revenue. Quality or delivery compliance issues that occur prior to broadcast can add costs if the program material must be rejected and sent back to the content provider for costly rework.

NBPRO offers multiple levels of QC to fit your budget. By passing a thorough 100% written QC from NBPRO, you’ll have assurance that your project’s master will be technically acceptable for virtually all destinations, worldwide. This includes all forms of Video on Demand (DirecTV, iNDemand, iTunes, Amazon Video, Netflix, etc), Home Video (Blu-ray or DVD), terrestrial or satellite broadcast, closed-net (airlines, cruise ships, hotels), online streaming and theatrical exhibition.

Our advanced knowledge of worldwide delivery requirements and the digital distribution supply chain means your materials only need to be delivered once, ensuring the successful distribution and exhibition of your content.

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